Associations and Societies

There are various specialist associations linked to the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. These include a study association for students and an alumni association, as well as several active practical associations.

Stylos study association

Established in 1894, the Architecture study association, Stylos, now has more than 2,100 members and around 100 active committee members. This makes it one of the largest and most active study associations in the Netherlands. Its role is to represent the interests of students in the faculty and organise activities that are of benefit for the programme and the specialisation.

Practical associations

Every major within the faculty has its own practical association. These form a link between students, the business community and teaching staff and they organise excursions, study trips or business days, for example. The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has five practical associations:

Time to relax: the Bouwpub

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Bouwpub Foundation organises a drinks party for staff and students in the Bouwpub. The Bouwpub is managed by staff and students from the faculty, who run the café alongside their work and studies.



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