Chairman D.E. van Gameren
Executive Secretary
Amber Leeuwenburgh MA
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Judith Blommaart 
+31 15 278 30 97

Room: 01.East.700
Julianalaan 134
NL-2628 BL Delft
The Netherlands

P.O.Box 5043
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The Netherlands


The department of Architecture consists of approx. 100 staff members (70 fte) divided over nine scientific groups; 8 chairs and Form and Modelling Studies. The chairsplan distinguishes two types of chairs: design oriented chairs and research oriented, theory, chairs.

Design chairs
These chairs are occupied by Professors with a recognisable and internationally oriented design practice. Chair holders represent a design approach that can be further developed through applied research. The chairs of Architectural Design represent important areas of design and expertise within architecture: Dwelling, Public Building, Interiors, Non-Residential Building and Complex projects. In all of the Architectural Design chairs, sustainable development is a central issue. The research of the Architectural Design chairs draws explicitly from the architectural project (design-led research or practice-led research). The chairs provide design education and in their research work closely with the research-oriented chairs. 

Theory chairs
The chairs Methods and Analysis, Architecture Theory, History of Architecture and Urbanism Planning are occupied by Professors who combine a distinct position and experience in architectural research with a great affinity for architectural design. The research-oriented chairs focus on the history and theory of architecture and urban planning and the systematic study of designs as well as the architects’ instruments and approaches from analytical, methodological and critical perspectives. The chairs are also explicitly charged with offering a scientific framework to Ph.D. candidates and researchers, thereby giving structure to the research programme and the research climate of the Department of Architecture.  


The Faculty of Architecture Student Association
The main objective of Stylos, the Faculty of Architecture Student Association, is to promote the interests of students at the Faculty of Architecture.  As well as being involved in issues concerning teaching and education, Stylos provides facilities, knowledge and guidance for organising all manner of extra-curricular activities that add value to the curriculum and the discipline.

Department Architecture Student Societies
The Architecture specialisation has its own student society,Argus, each linking students, business and staff. They organise a range of activities, such as excursions, study tours and an annual day for firms.

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