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The department of Real Estate & Housing forms an integral part of the faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology. In their roles of lecturer, researcher, PhD student or supporter, approximately 70 staff members work together on the educational and research activities of RE&H (mission statement).

The faculty implemented its departmental structure on 1 January 2003. The department of RE&H is managed by the General Committee and J.W.F. Wamelink, chairman of the department. They are assisted by the executive committee of RE&H. The board of the executive committee is represented by the research group leaders of the four research groups, the research Nestor, the coordinator of the bachelor's and master's degree programme, the secretary to the board and the office manager.

The organisational sectoral classification coincides with the key domains and also with the key domain chairs of RE&H: Design & Construction Management, Real Estate Management, Urban Area Development and Housing. RE&H has an extensive domain chair plan. Each domain chair has a professor who is intrinsically responsible for education and research in his or her field of expertise.

The department is assisted by the secretarial department.

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