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Assistant Professor
section Housing
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Social Geography, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Graduation Subject: Spatial Patterns of Retail Trade in the City of Leiden


  • From 1987 Researcher at the Housing Research Instituut (RIW)
  • At present Assistant Professor of 'Housing Policy'
  • Chair of Public Transport Users' Association ROVER (1988 - 1996)
  • Member of the Amsterdamse Council for Urbanism (1996 - 2003)

Field of research
Housing Policy


Recent courses

  • BSc semester 3: Society, Process and Practice, Honours Program 'Krimpende Steden’
  • MSc semester 1: Housing Policy, Management and Sustainability
  • MSc semester 3 and 4: Graduation tutor


Recent projects
Shrinking Cities
Cities all over the world are faced with a declining population, often in association with the loss of jobs and overall economic decline. Many of these shrinking cities can be found in old industrial areas. Think Northern England, Detroit and large parts of the former GDR.

The shrinkage of the urban population can pose many problems. Companies are less likely to find staff and are faced with a shrinking home market for their products. Housing associations will face an increasing number of vacant dwellings, owner-occupiers will see the value of their properties drop. Local governments may have to cut spending because of diminishing tax revenues. However, maintaining high quality services is essential to attract people and business. Sewage and public transport infrastructure will become underused, with total costs staying at the same level.

In short, the shrinking of cities will pose problems for the remaining inhabitants, business, housing associations and local government alike.

So far, a set of instruments to tackle these problems has not really been developed. Denying that there is a problem at all, or trying to get the city growing again seem to be some of the most favorite 'solutions'. Quite often however, growth will not be feasible, even more so if not only the city itself but the entire region is shrinking. Furthermore, some policy options, like attracting immigrants, might be ruled out for political reasons.

This research project aims to find the common features of shrinking cities, and (local and regional) government response. Lessons will be learned for the situation that exists in the Netherlands. Although shrinking cities so far have been quite rare, in some regions (esp. parts of Groningen and Limburg) they already exist.

Past projects
Housing of the elderly in a European perspective


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