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Chair of Housing systems

Peter Boelhouwer (born in 1958) has been a full professor of Housing Systems at the faculty since 2001. He concentrates mostly on housing market policies, focusing on questions like, 'How do you make policies?' and 'How can you evaluate policies?' The housing market in the Netherlands is not working very well at present; not many homes are being built and prices are rising. The Chair's research is therefore aimed chiefly at matters such as processes for choosing a home, reforming the housing market, and price movements. International comparative research into public housing systems is also carried out. The field of Housing Systems also covers research into the effects of abolishing tax relief on mortgage interest repayments, the relationship between the number of homes being built and price movements, and the positioning of the housing corporations. The Chair organises lessons on, among other things, public housing policies for Bachelor's and Master's students, and Boelhouwer also supervises around fifteen PhD students. For the near future he envisages various challenges in the area of public housing. The housing market will be revised and the role of housing corporations will change, and the aging population and modifications to the welfare state will also influence the sector.

Boelhouwer studied social geography in Utrecht. As well as being a professor, he is the scientific director at the OTB Research Institute, which works closely with the faculty of Architecture in areas of research. He is also the scientific director of the Delft Centre for Sustainable Urban Areas (SUA).

Secondary employment
He occupies a large number of managerial functions and among the other positions he holds are membership of the VROM Raad (the Netherlands Council of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment), supervisory director of two housing associations, and vice-chairman of the board of the European Network for Housing Research. Member of the Supervisory Housing Foundation De Goede Woning Zoetermeer


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