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Julianalaan 134
2628 BL Delft
P.O.Box 5043
2600 GA Delft


Secretary of Urbanism

kamer BG.West.170
tel 015 - 27 81008


stedebouw vereniging polis


The Department of Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology was established in 1948 and since then has contributed to academic knowledge of the urban environment and design and planning interventions. 


The education at the Urbanism equips the urban planners and designers of the future with the right tools to come up with new solutions for effective, efficient and aesthetical organization and operation of the public space.

More information on the master tracks offered by the Department of Urbanism or for information about the bachelor, minor and EMU look here.


The Urbanism research group’s core task is to mobilise its multidisciplinary knowledge, skills and reputation towards the creation of more sustainable living environments. The priority is to contribute solutions to the urgent challenges of urbanisation in the context of climate change. In total 128 people work for the department with a total occupancy of 67,7 fte. Also 200 master students take education in two master tracks and another 32 students follow postgraduate track EMU.

The research is set up in 4 sections and 8 cross-cutting themes. More on the research programma in the Research Programme Summary 2015.

More information on research projects and education in the annual report 2013.

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PhD Research

Doctoral study is a significant and successful part of Urbanism’s research output. PhD candidates carry forward the research agenda of the Urbanism Programme and play a major role through publications, conference contributions and other activities. From 2005 to 2012 60 candidates began PhD studies in urbanism and 36 have completed.

A summary of the current research projects can be found below.

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