BK City

The current building occupied by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment was designed by its users to become a place where the dynamism and passion of the faculty is visible at a glance. In BK City, old classrooms became state-of-the-art studios, corridors were given special signposting and the empty inner squares redesigned to create two covered areas for lectures, presentations and an impressive model hall.

BK Expo

The faculty has its own exhibition space: the BK Expo. Where student projects, scale models and scientific studies are exhibited.

Model Hall

The model hall is located in the heart of the building. It houses tables for work, machinery and the CAMlab, offering 3D printers, lasercutters and CNC milling equipment.


Here you can find everything you need regarding print work: printing, plotting and laminating posters and binding booklets.


The Library contains an extensive collection of books, journals, serial works and loose-leaf publications that can be useful in teaching, for inspiration and research. 

Waltman's Bookshop

In BK City's street you can find Waltman's bookshop, the place to get model making materials, study books or drawing tools.


Whether you’ve got a question about creating a poster in Illustrator, rendering an animation or installing the wireless network, you can ask @Hok.

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