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Urbanism (U) |
Chair of Technical Ecology and Methodology

Taeke de Jong (born in 1947) has been a full professor of Technical Ecology and Methodology (formerly Environmental Planning and Ecology) at the faculty since 1986. He also shares the Chair of Metropolitan and Regional Design with Joost Schrijnen. He conducts research into the possibilities and effects of various methods of dispersal – that is, dispersal of people, buildings, plants and animals on every scale and in different combinations. In the case of cities experiencing strong population growth he analyses for example the kind of dispersal of people and buildings that would offer the best living (environmental) conditions. The Chair’s education is aimed at the broad range of environmental aspects and how they can serve as a precondition within the various design disciplines. The methodological, philosophical and practical consequences of this are also examined. Areas covered include sun, wind, water, soil and ecology, as well as amenities and their distribution. De Jong teaches subjects such as methodology and design-based research to both Bachelor’s and Master’s students. His courses are not concluded with a traditional exam – instead students make a website to show that they can apply their newly acquired knowledge in their designs.

De Jong studied urban planning in Delft, after which he worked as a designer and researcher at the Stad en Landschap urban planning consultancy, and then as a freelancer via Stichting Milieu en Stedelijke Ontwikkeling foundation. He edited the methodological handbook entitled, ‘Ways to study and research urban, architectural and technical design’, published in 2002. He is currently a member of the TU Delft Board for Doctorates.

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