E.A.J. Luiten

Urbanism (U) | Landscape architecture (LA)
Belvedere Chair of Culture History and Spatial Design

Eric Luiten (born in 1959) has been a full professor of Culture History and Spatial Design at the faculty since 2005. He seeks to raise awareness among students and designers of the role that history can play in the design process, asking such questions as ‘How can the history of a landscape serve as a source of inspiration for alteration plans?’ and ‘How can you include specific features of a location in your design?’ This theme ties in well with society’s growing interest in history and increasing concern about the quality of the heritage of the Netherlands. He believes that designers should state explicitly how they deal with the history of a landscape, area or building. The Chair gives lessons in the Master’s degree programme and shapes interfaculty education on culture history and spatial design. He helps organise the interuniversity module entitled ‘Town and country preservation and development’ in collaboration with VU University Amsterdam and Wageningen University.

Luiten works as a freelance landscape architect on regional planning projects, in which strategic aspects such as generating support from relevant parties particularly appeal to him. He developed a new vision for the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie and made plans for the redesignation of Radio Kootwijk, and is presently devising a master plan for the Romeinse Limes. He is an advisory member of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment and chairman of the board of the Stichting NHBOS foundation aimed at promoting landscape architecture. Luiten has taught in the UK, Spain and Texas and was head of the Academy of Architecture landscape architecture department for five years.

Education, publication and secondary employment

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