van Weeren

Building Technology (BT) | Structural Design and Mechanics
Chair of Structural Design

Kees van Weeren (born in 1946) has been a full professor of Structural Design at the faculty since 1996. He uses the Chair to carry out research into the use of new materials and manufacturing methods for support structures. This concerns matters like improved versions of existing materials, such as ultra-high performance concrete or steel, as well as applications for load-bearing structures of existing materials from other areas of science, such as fibre-reinforced plastic, glass or carton. His Chair also performs research into the effect of ICT-operated designs on load-bearing constructions and how best to deal with existing structural designs of existing buildings undergoing transformation. The education provided by the Chair examines the role that a load-bearing construction concept can play within the field of integrated design. For their design, students have to investigate all the possibilities of the complete range of structural design solutions, and ask themselves how the construction can be made strong, rigid, and stable. What Van Weeren seeks to project more than anything is that the structural design is not a restrictive precondition, but can instead be a source for creative design solutions. For the future he sees the establishment of support constructions, materials and building methods that were used between 1940 and 1965 as an important area of focus for the Chair.

Van Weeren has a limited consultancy, aimed at providing advice on how to tackle the restoration of buildings that have been damaged as a result of problems with their foundations, and at dealing with damage to support constructions. Until mid-2006 he was Director of Studies at the faculty. He also acts as a mediator between clients and engineering advisors. He previously spent more than twenty-five years working for the Government Buildings Agency, where his roles included that of head of construction of the architecture and engineering bureau.

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