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Mission and vision

The Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment makes significant contributions to finding solutions for pressing social issues, both nationally and internationally. We contribute by:

  • providing Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes to students who go on to become high achievers in the international context. These programmes impart the precepts of architectural design as a core competence, and structural engineering and management skills as additional competences;
  • conducting unrivalled and innovative research in the field of design, engineering and processes;
  • transferring this knowledge to clients, designers, suppliers and those on the actual building site, whether they be working for government agencies, institutions or businesses.

The Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment aims:

  • to consolidate and profit from the faculty’s superb international academic reputation as a leading school design;
  • to become a national platform for the innovation of design, engineering and processes;
  • to provide a central platform for discussion on current social issues relating to our fields of expertise.

Combining technological aptitude, context and creativity, the faculty aims to fulfil this mission across its entire professional field.     

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