The faculty works with ministries and national agencies, regional and local authorities, European and national research funding agencies, industrial partners, research institutes and societal inistitutes and foundations.

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    Contract research

    The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment can research specific questions and carry out research assignments for the private as well as the public sector.

    If you are interested in our research, and in collaborating with the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, please contact the research leader of the relevant research programme. You can also contact:

    Frank van der Hoeven
    Director of Research, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
    Tel: +31 (0)15 27 88462

    Research programmes and research leaders

    The Architectural Project and its Foundations T.L.P. Avermaete R. Cavallo K.M. Havik

    Computation & Performance K. Oosterhuis

    Design & History C.M. Hein

    Geoinformation Technology & Governance P.J.M. van Oosterom

    Green Building Innovation U. Knaack

    Housing M.G. Elsinga H.J. Visscher

    Innovations in Management Built Environment J.W.F. Wamelink H. de Jonge

    Urban and Regional Studies

    Prof.dr. W.K. Korthals Altes


    Prof. V. Nadin




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