Need a graduate or student?

Many businesses are in search of enterprising students to work with them as an intern. There are various ways of bringing your internship position to the attention of Architecture students:

Advertising on Blackboard

You can post an advertisement on Blackboard, TU Delft’s interactive electronic learning environment. Just send an e-mail with the subject line ‘stage aanmelding’ (internship announcement) to Education & Student Affairs. Your e-mail should include a short description of the internship position and details of your company or institution. Please attach a detailed description (PDF or Word format).

Informing the student practice associations

Every specialisation has its own student practice association. These form the link between students, the business community and the teaching staff. Ask the student practice association linked to your specialist area about the options for publicising your internship position.

The internship

Internships offer students the opportunity to become acquainted with professional practice. The content of the internship can be more or less freely defined. One key condition is that the student must be able to work at an academic or scientific level in a practical environment. This means that the student not only takes part in standard work activities in an office, but also uses some of their time to work on the analysis of a subject they have decided for themselves or subjects related to the company and/or its professional context. This means that the student is not only a participant but also a critical observer within the company.

The Faculty of Architecture’s internship coordinators decide whether the internship position offered meets the TU Delft internship conditions.

The student

Students of Architecture can follow an internship at an institute or company in the third year of their Bachelor's programme.


The internship lasts for at least 8 weeks. Students must spend 320 hours on their internships, the equivalent of a 40-hour week. This can be spread across a longer period, providing that it can be demonstrated that 320 hours have actually been spent on the internship, with a minimum working week of three days.

On the lookout for an engineer?

Are you in search of a young academic or a recently-graduated architectural engineer? If so, contact the agency SUPAIR.

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