Border Conditions Symposium – X agendas for architecture

20 October 2011 | 10:00 - 20 October 2011 | 19:00
location: BK City, Glasshouse East
by M&C

On October 20 the Border Conditions studio is to organise the symposium X agendas for architecture.

Why do we need a new / other / special /…. agenda in architecture? 

The first decade of the 21st century has seen the emergence of a wide variety of highly specific understandings of space, influenced by social, ideological, economical and political changes and debates. Our ‘global planet’, which necessitates dissolving boundaries, has been, ironically, stifled by the reflexive emphasis on nation states that practice spatial exclusion. 

In addition to, or perhaps as a result of, these developments, the prevailing atmosphere of a discipline that meanders from crisis to crisis has been the case of architecture during the period. In this decade, the interest in the conflict of space and the space of conflict has resulted from the different moments of crisis with a global impact, ranging from economic stagnation, financial crises and environmental devastation, to name just a few. Each of these events has contributed to the climate of in(st)ability and insecurity in the current architectural discourse.  

The current experience of shaky grounds of architecture is hardly conceived nor treated problematic. However, a large portion of those in architecture seems to understand the teeming potentials implicit in this period of uncertainty.  In the architectural discourse, the material fatigue of the welfare state (and all the apparently related sense of crises), are countered by alternative forms of engagement, be it via technological explorations, new practices of spatial appropriations or social engagement. The sense of crisis, to be clear, currently brings forward an entire array of explorations regarding architecture’s knowledge, means and ends.  

Especially in the European context, given the discussions on nationality and religion that have become central to the recent political discussions, this reading of current developments in the architectural discourse deserves further articulation. These ideological and political debates have had little influence on the architectural discourse, much different from the debates typical of the decades between 1930s and 80s. At the moment the search for the ‘space of encounter’ architecture is supposed to offer is in need of renewed intensity of theorization, framing and straightforward acknowledgement. 

The 2011 Fall Capita Selecta lecture series on Architectural Design, organized by the TU Delft’s research group ‘Border Conditions and Territories’, starts with this symposium and will attempt to frame and discuss these developments and put forward the questions on the necessity of architectural agendas.


Part 1: Border Conditions Extended

10:00-13:00 I Glasshouse East
Moderator: Marc Schoonderbeek

Petra Pferdmenges (Alive Architecture), Finbarr McComb (Stereo Architects), Hieke Bakker (Ymere Development), Ninke Happel (Happel Cornelisse Architecten), Max Rink (Sprikk), Sander van Schaik (SUMoffice)

Marc Koehler (Marc Koehler Architects), Gijs Wallis de Vries (TU Eindhoven) 

Part 2: X Agendas for Architecture

14:00-18:30 I Glasshouse East
Moderator: Oscar Rommens 

14:00                          Introduction
14:15                          Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects)
14:45                          François Roche (R&Sie(n))
15:15                          break
15:30                          Martine de Maeseneer (MdM Architects)
16:00                          Liz Diller (Diller, Scofidio + Renfro, to be confirmed)
16:30                          Response by Deborah Hauptmann (DSD-TUD)
16:45                          Panel discussion
18:30                          end 

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