Post-graduate course ''Room for Every(ones) Day''

17 November 2006 - 15 December 2006
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by Lidewij Tummers

On 17 November, 1 and 15 December the Over(al)tijd tables host a post-graduate course entitled ‘Room for Every(ones) Day’. Professionals and public servants from both social and spatial departments work together on a casestudy to practice interdisciplinary planning, focusing on quality of use. Tendencies such as changing household types with ever more complex timepaths, growing need for care druk and pressure on the labour market due to aging population, increasing welfare and mobility – also intensifying poverty and exclusion - are insufficiently dealt with in classical approaches of spatial planning. ‘Room for Every(ones) Day’ provides an instrument for planteams to deal with complex reality in the specific local situation.

More information: (all in Dutch) 

If you want more information, attend (part of) the course or organise a workshop around over(al)tijd, please contact me at K 8.10 or Karin Visser at secretariaat Urbanism.



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