Exposition: Maastricht City of Stone

02 March 2017 - 10 March 2017
location: Oostserre
by Communication BK

Work from the graduation studio Maastricht City of Stone will be exhibited in the Oosterre.

For this project the chair Interiors, Buildings, Cities (Eireen Schreurs and Jurjen Zeinstra) worked with the Maastricht Master of Interior Architecture (Josef Bischofs and Ingeborg Meulendijk). Sixteen masters students have researched the (historic) use of natural stone in the architecture of Maastricht. Gypsum models have been made of eight case studies (in collaboration with MIA students). The models show 1:20 fragments of characteristic and special applications of natural stone in Maastricht building entrances. All the models are made of a mixture of gypsum and the saw dust of Kunrader stone.

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