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100.000 Marie Curie fellows

16 March 2017

The European Union is celebrating the one hundred thousandth fellow benefiting from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.Continue


Happy Senior Living tests concepts for the elderly

13 March 2017

As the issue of the ageing population is set to become critical, we have only a vague idea of the future housing preferences and needs of millions of elderly people. The 4TU Lighthouse project ‘Happy Senior Living’ intends to sound out their housing preferences and experiment with test locations.Continue


REPAiR: Mapping European resources/waste materials

13 March 2017

‘There’s no such thing as waste’ is just an empty slogan if we do not succeed in creating circular material flows. The initiators of the large-scale European REPAiR project are firmly convinced that smart geodetic aids for decision-making can help local and regional authorities close resource life cycles.Continue


Architecture & Built Environment ranks third in the QS World University Rankings

09 March 2017

‘Our Faculty plays a key role in the 'design-oriented research’ and we are proud that this is recognised and awarded with a top 3 position in the world ranking according to QS World University Rankings by subject” says Peter Russell, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. "And even though you shouldn't overestimate the value of rankings in general, we are happy to have...Continue


Financial burdens and benefits land exploitation are highly concentrated in a few municipalities

09 March 2017

Prof dr. Willem Korthals Altes (OTB) shares an overview of the financial data of municipalities’ land exploitation from Q4 2016.Continue


Rli advice: ‘Valuing technology – a guidance’

09 March 2017

On Friday 10 March the The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) - the primary strategic advisory board for the Dutch government and parliament in matters relating to the physical environment and infrastructure - will present their advice on ‘Valuing Technology: a Guidance’. Our professor Ellen van Bueren was a member of the committee that has prepared this advice.Continue


Rediscovering the campus as the ideal place to study

07 March 2017

In a world of overstimulation and distractions, people are once more in search of peace and concentration in order to work and study. At universities, students and staff are rediscovering the importance of physical encounters and a place where you can study with others or concentrate on your work alone.Continue


RE-InVEST: “Bashing each other achieves little, creativity is more effective”

02 March 2017

Increasing numbers of Europeans are struggling to make ends meet and feel side-lined by politics. Is that feeling justified or not? The European RE-InVEST project is exploring this question and how we can increase solidarity and engagement. As part of this project, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is investigating the Rotterdam housing sectorContinue


Light spectacle in front of the Aula

13 January 2017

In celebration of the 175th birthday of the TU Delft, students of our faculty designed and build a pavilion that will be shows for exactly 175 days. On Friday 13 Januari the pavilion will be opened during the anniversary celebration at 16:40 in front of the Aula, following a celebration at i.d Kaffee. Continue

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