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Berlage exhibition Project NL

22 January 2015

Project NL is part of The Good Life, a three-year investigation into 'the good life' in the regions of the Northeast, Oldambtmeer and Westland. What is the influence of the built environment on collective pursuits, personal aspirations and the contemporary world? Saturday January 24 Sunday, February 1 The Post Office, RotterdamContinue


Arjan van Timmeren in Highlights TU Delft

21 January 2015

In the Highlights 2014, TU Delft presents a series of highlights of the past year. Van Timmeren tells about Sustainable building blocks for Intelligent Cities. “If I had to sum up, my work involves engineering, design and integration, with users and people as a further aspect.”Continue


From city's station to station city

15 January 2015

Station redevelopment in major cities has not always integrated stations into the inner city landscape as intended. This is the conclusion of doctoral candidate Ana Luísa Martins da Conceição. “The various parties often fail to define comprehensive common goals in advance,” she concludes. Continue


TU Delft works to build smart cities through sustainability and big data

07 January 2015

The urbanisation of our world is happening at an incredible pace. How can we ensure that the mega-cities of the future are safe, sustainable and still pleasant to live in? What role will big data play in this process and how can we adapt our cities? Will the engineers of tomorrow be able to build smart cities? These will be some of the central issues at a seminar and academic ceremony on the...Continue

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