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Dirk Sijmons speaker on KIVI Annual Conference Delta Cities (12 November 2014)

29 October 2014

Delta cities globally attract more and more people each year and this trend is continuing. In 2050 an estimated 70% of the world population lives in delta and coastal areas. How do we ensure that these gigantic cities remain dry, livable, sustainable and safe? How do Dutch engineers contribute herein, how do we apply our knowledge to local foreign circumstances and what can we learn from this?Continue


‘Middle income households victim of shifts in social housing sector’

23 October 2014

The economic crisis is making it increasingly difficult for social housing corporations to stick to their objectives. While their subsidies are being cut, they are entitled to increase rents. The lower middle class is one of the main victims, concludes Darinka Czischke. She defends her thesis on 30 October at 10.h in the Aula of the TU Delft.Continue


BK Alumna wins Prix de Rome Architecture 2014

23 October 2014

Donna Milligen Bielke won this prize with ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, a draft plan for the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. According to the jury a "radical and poetic intervention.Continue


Publication: The Making of the Polder Cities

23 October 2014

Dutch urban water systems are unable to deal with the consequences of climat change. In her book, Fransje Hooimeijer (Urbanism) discusses the relation between the available technology, the attitude towards the natural conditions and the urban design.Continue


New Expertise Centre for International Comparative Housing Research

22 October 2014

Delft CHEC investigates the composition of the housing stock and how it can be used broader. Marja Elsinga, Marietta Haffner and Joris Hoekstra of OTB form the core team of this new research.Continue


Graduation project about prison architecture

23 October 2014

In their graduation project Bob de Rijk and Stefan Adriaan Vriend studied the changing reformation ideals in prison design from the 19th and 20th centuries. Remnants of Reform will be on display in the corridor of the Oostserre from 27 October through 14 November.Continue


Quality of university campuses is crucial for Europe

23 October 2014

According to Alexandra den Heijer and George Tzovlas (Real Estate & Housing) the quality of university campuses has to be an essential part of the EU strategy for growth in the next few decades. Continue

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