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01/07 Symposium Circularity in the Built Environment

27 May 2015

A Circular Economy gains increasing attention on public and private agendas, as it offers a potential escape from unsustainable, linear ways of using resources. In order to facilitate circular material and resource flows in the built environment, innovative solutions are required for building technology, architecture and planning. Many innovations have already been developed, but how many have...Continue


InDeSem 2015

27 May 2015

From May 29 until June 5, the International Design Seminar 2015 (InDeSem) will take place at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture. Continue


"Regional cities should no longer be seen as the weaker siblings of mega cities"

27 May 2015

According to the established literature, mega cities have agglomeration advantages that make them the economic powerhouses of our world. This is an outdated idea, says Evert Meijers (OTB). The medium-sized cities of today often perform better. He has been granted a Vidi scholarship by NWO to investigate this claim further. Continue


Path planning to help emergency responders avoid moving obstacles

27 May 2015

Emergency responders are sometimes hindered from getting to the scene of a disaster because of obstacles on the road. Doctoral candidate Zhiyong Wang (OTB) has found a solution: a navigation system that can even guide them around moving obstacles. This could resolve a lot of the navigation problems involved with emergency response. Continue


Heavyweight A+BE delegation to support trade mission in Toronto

22 May 2015

On 27 May King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will embark on a state visit to Canada and the US to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. Largely responsible for the programme of the subsequent trade mission are Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Dirk Sijmons and Nico Tillie. Continue


Alumnus wins 2015 Archiprix International

20 May 2015

Filippo Maria Doria won this international prize with his design for a library for the blind in Villa Borghese in Rome. Last year the project 'Recording and Projecting Architecture' also won the National Archiprix. Continue


RE-InVEST: H2020-project on housing and social investment

08 May 2015

Marja Elsinga and Marietta Haffner joined the kick off meeting of a new project funded by Horizon 2020 called RE-InVEST. The RE-InVEST project aims to contribute to a more solidary and inclusive EU, through an inclusive, powerful and effective social investment strategy at EU level. Moreover, the project itself adopts a participative approach that gives voice to vulnerable households and civil...Continue


Earth, Wind & Fire by Ben Bronsema placed second in Mekel Prize

08 May 2015

The natural air conditioning project by Ben Bronsema uses gravity and natural light and wind flows to develop an air conditioning system. This will help make indoor climates healthier, while at the same time will save energy. The project is also committed to improving collaboration between architects and engineers in order to make this natural air conditioning system possible. The first...Continue


Summer School Thinking City: Beyond resilience

30 April 2015

From 3 to 16 July, the foundation Thinking City organizes a unique interdisciplinary Summer School on the planning and development of the city. Ten scholarchips of 650 euro are available for Delft students. Participation in this Summer School is worth three credit points. Continue


Architecture & Built Environment ranks third in the QS World University Rankings

30 April 2015

"Research is very important to our faculty; this ranking proves that we do this right", says acting dean Hans Wamelink. "And even though you shouldn't overestimate the value of rankings in general, as the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of course we are happy to have achieved such a high place in this serious ranking. A high ranking like this is also important to attract...Continue


3TU.Bouw Lighthouse eliminates the research risk

30 April 2015

A flexible, malleable mould can significantly improve the design freedom in the field of concrete technology. The innovative concept stems from the 3TU.Bouw Lighthouse project, which offers 50,000 euros of research money to researchers with a smart idea. Eight research projects will once again compete in 2015. Continue


Conference Future Envelope searches for Unobtainium

30 April 2015

On 18 June, The Future Envelope conference on building façades will undertake a quest for the perfect façade material this year: 'Unobtainium'. As the name suggests, this material is unobtainable, because it does not exist (yet) or cannot be produced. Nevertheless, there are innovations that come quite close. Continue


Computer assistant for architects

30 April 2015

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is commonplace in countless fields, but architects still hardly benefit from the interaction between humans and machines. Doctoral candidate Onur Sönmez developed a computer assistant that can lighten the workload of those in the most labour-intensive profession in the construction sector.Continue


Publication: ‘Dorp, stad, land. De lage landen in woorden’

29 April 2015

Maartenjan Hoekstra is an architect and a linguist. These two academic disciplines would appear to have little in common, but Maartenjan has succeeded in bringing them together. Continue

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