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BK City Living LAB: Silence Please, Bucky Lab’s Final Exhibition

03 February 2016

Due to its size, the acoustical comfort in some of BK City’s working spaces is not ideal. Bucky Lab students spent last semester exploring ways to better this and set out to design beautiful acoustic panels. The prototypes are on show in the Oostserre till … added bonus: you can test them yourself.Continue


Andy van den Dobbelsteen is Delft’s “Zomergast”

03 February 2016

On 7 February Andy van den Dobbelsteen wil be Ciccionina’s “Zomergast”. Together with Frans Marks he will talk about what inspires and influences him and how qualities as humor, creativity, pacifism, activism, fellowship and leadership can help you define your future. Moreover Van den Dobbelsteen will explain how passion and beauty in art, film, music, literature and spoken word can touch the...Continue


Glass stronger than brick for Chanel’s new facade

03 February 2016

A wall of glued glass bricks that is ten times as strong as a regular brick facade. Experiments conducted by the Glass & Transparency research group proved this could be true. Their test results are being used to make Chanel’s historic storefront at the P.C. Hooftstraat transparent. ‘This wall could support a herd of elephants and it can withstand an attack with a sledgehammer.’Continue


In memoriam: prof. ir. Niek de Boer

29 January 2016

Former Professor ir. Niek de Boer passed away on 19 January 2016 at the age of 91. Until his retirement he was Professor Urban Planning at our Faculty. Continue


Natural air conditioning with Earth, Wind & Fire presents opportunities for vacant office buildings

27 January 2016

The so-called Earth, Wind & Fire concept for the natural ventilation of buildings offers good opportunities for Dutch office buildings according to Peter Swier, who is graduating on this topic at TU Delft on Thursday, 28 January. Continue


First AUBS graduate with an AMS certificate

21 January 2016

Marije Schilder graduated as the first Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences graduate (MBE track) with an AMS certificate. Earlier this year; Geomatics had the honor to provide the first Faculty graduate; Rosann Aarsen. Their research fits perfectly within the AMS Institute, which focuses on applied urban technology and design.Continue


The Berlage: Scenes of the Good Life

21 January 2016

The tragedy of the project, the satire of the type, and the comedy of representation: on 28 January, the Berlage thesis students will host the graduation-related event “Scenes of the Good Life” complemented by an exhibition of their graduation work in BK Expo.Continue


Announcing the Faculty’s new Visiting Professor James O’Callaghan

21 January 2016

The Faculty proudly presents James O’Callaghan as this semester’s Visiting Professor. With offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Paris and Shanghai, O’Callaghan is perhaps best known for designing the glass stairs, bridges and other structural elements in Apple’s iconic retail stores around the world. As Visiting Professor, O’Callaghan will teach several courses, partake in research...Continue


Inaugural address of Carola Hein: Architectures of Black Gold

21 January 2016

In order to determine the future of architecture and urban planning, we first need to chart the complexity of long-term developments in the field, argues Professor Carola Hein (History of Architecture & Urban Planning). During her inaugural address, she outlines how following ‘black gold’ – worldwide oil streams – and their impact is an ideal means of doing so. Continue


€176.000 H2020 grant for UrBAN-WASTE project OTB

21 January 2016

Europe’s cities are some of the world’s most important tourist destinations. The socio-economic impact of tourism is huge but it also gives rise to some serious environmental problems. For tourist cities, dealing with resource use and waste efficiently is crucial for maintaining their appeal. The UrBAN-WASTE project focuses on minimising and managing waste in tourist cities as sustainably as...Continue


A quarter million each for three faculty Smart City projects

07 January 2016

The Smart City initiatives SmartGov, Smart Urban Isle and Spacery have been awarded between € 200 000,- and € 250 000,- each.Continue

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