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MaartenJan Hoekstra wins Teacher of the Year 2016

12 September 2016

MaartenJan Hoekstra has been named the faculty’s Teacher of the Year 2016 "MaartenJan is not only an incredibly motivating teacher, he really cares about education and actively participates in the discussions that play on our faculty," says student Vita.Continue


Thermal comfort for dwellings: open a window

12 September 2016

Temperature control is becoming an increasingly serious challenge as we get better at insulating our homes. According to research carried out by PhD student Noortje Alders, sensor-controlled sun blinds may offer a solution but sometimes opening a window can be even more effective.Continue


3D model benefits demographers and urban planners

08 August 2016

The 3D GeoInformation research group from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is working on building a 3D model of all the towns and cities in the Netherlands. It is the only model of its kind on a national scale and can be used to accurately project the size of the population. It is also a useful tool for creating flood models and calculating noise and daylight contours.Continue


ComfortCity: made-to-measure refugee house thanks to CNC cutter

03 August 2016

Vacant commercial buildings are eminently suitable for refugee housing. A team from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built environment produced a cut-to-measure internal construction package to create a new home for refugees. Their prizewinning idea ComfortCity provides diversity and quality of living as well as being cheap.Continue

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