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Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art features work of architecture graduate and alumnus

01 October 2015

After their success in Europe, the sound-installation Buqs by architecture graduate Joris Hoogeboom and the Archiprix short-listed Teun Verkerk, will be displayed in Moscow’s prestigious National Centre for Contemporary Arts. After this the Buqs will travel to Tehran for the 5th Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition.Continue


Top-notch graduation projects on show during the Archiprix Preselection in BK Expo

01 October 2015

The crème de la crème of graduation projects from the fields of Architecture, Urbanism, Building Technology and Landscape Architecture will be exhibited from 8 till 30 October. From the 46 projects on display, nine will be chosen to represent the Faculty at the Archiprix.Continue


The city of the future: BSc Koen Kaljee built and designed the first building for Floriade 2022…

01 October 2015

...And it’s open now for visitors. With his team, Kaljee, who recently completed his bachelor, built ‘De Drijfveer’ from bio-based, locally sourced materials. Kaljee: “It will be completely self-sufficient: generate energy, purify water and process waste.”Continue


A complex-cognitive approach to urban design

01 October 2015

Making the choices in urban planning explicit is difficult. Ph.D. student Egbert Stolk, Urbanism, tried it anyway and devised a conceptual model that combines the dynamic process of designing with that of the environment.Continue


Prof Arjan van Timmeren appointed Scientific Director of AMS Institute

17 September 2015

Prof Arjan van Timmeren is appointed new Scientific Director of AMS Institute. In addition to the Scientific Directorship, Prof Van Timmeren will continue to chair his Environmental Technology & Design research group part-time at the faculty.Continue


Exhibition Lived-In: The Modern City as a Performative Structure

16 September 2015

How does design stand the test of time? Tom Avermaete subjected several iconic cities such as Brasilia, Casablanca and Chandigarh to thorough analysis together with his students. The result is an exhibition with a hopeful message: ‘Good architecture is capable of modernising its own fundamentals’. The exhibition opens on Friday 25 September 2015 at 20:00 in deSingel International Arts Campus,...Continue

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