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Inaugural address Tom Avermaete: “A lot of contemporary architecture is little more than navel-gazing”

28 August 2014

Architectural practice should make much better use of history and look beyond Western architecture alone. This is the firmly-held view of Tom Avermaete, the new professor of Methods & Analysis. Without careful consideration, we run the risk of racing from one fad to the next. On 5 September, he will give his inaugural address.Continue


Carola Hein: Professor of ‘History of Architecture & Urban Planning’

27 August 2014

On 1 September Carola Hein will take up her post as Professor of 'History of Architecture & Urban Planning’ in the Architecture department. Hein was previously a professor at Bryn Mawr College. Her research has focused on the historical dimension of the built environment in order to engage with contemporary debates in architecture and urban planning.Continue


Max Risselada takes his leave with farewell event and exhibition

27 August 2014

Between 13.45 and 17.00 on 12 September, the Oostserre at TU Delft will be devoted to the theme of ‘Patient (Re)Search’. Together with specialist colleagues and former student assistants, Max Risselada will be exploring some of the fascinations that have been incorporated in education and research over the course of the years. Also the farewell exhibition will be opened. Continue


Refurbishing owner-occupied housing to achieve nearly zero-energy

27 August 2014

With its COHERENO project, the faculty aims to boost efforts to achieve nearly zero-energy housing through refurbishment. It involves the launch of a networking website and the organisation of two Business Collaboration Events.Continue


Alexander Koutamanis receives KIEM funding

27 August 2014

Alexander Koutamanis, from the Real Estate & Housing department, has received KIEM funding to the tune of € 15,000 for his project ‘BIM and supply chain integration for the building lifecycle’. In the project, he is developing a framework for supervising and analysing combinations of BIM and supply chain integration as a means of achieving greater performance in construction.Continue


Doctoral candidate develops toolbox for improved energy performance in renovated housing

27 August 2014

The renovation of existing housing is essential for reducing energy consumption, but is often done without the necessary thought and planning. Doctoral candidate Thaleia Konstantinou has developed a Façade Refurbishment Toolbox that enables architects to plan a strategy for renovation at an early stage. Continue


Cultural differences determine differences in planning methods

27 August 2014

Urbanised delta regions have very different ways of dealing with flood risks. Their methods are often determined by cultural influences, says doctoral candidate Suwanna Rongwiriyaphanich. Buddhist Thailand, for example, is not necessarily receptive to procedures that are standard in the Calvinist Netherlands. Continue


Taiwanese versus Dutch approach to flooding: pumping or planning?

27 August 2014

Spatial planning is an excellent way of dealing with the risk of flooding, but it requires an organisational framework that involves all stakeholders. This is according to doctoral candidate Peiwen Lu, who has compared the Dutch approach with that adopted in her native country of Taiwan. Continue


Doctoral candidate Kees Geevers calls for new guidelines for industrial heritage

27 August 2014

The transformation of industrial heritage requires a rigorous investigation of a building’s history and its use, together with a map highlighting all of the valuable details. Without that, a great deal can be lost during redevelopment, concludes Kees Geevers in his doctoral research. He also calls for the establishment of new guidelines.Continue


Minister Blok opens world’s most sustainable terraced house on TU Delft campus

21 August 2014

On Monday 25 August, the Dutch Minister of Housing and Civil Service, Stef Blok will open the world's most sustainable terraced house in the Green Village on the TU Delft campus. With their concept Prêt-à-Loger, Home with a Skin, the TU Delft student team won first prize in the Sustainability category at the Solar Decathlon 2014 in Versailles. The terraced house sets an example for improving the...Continue


Grant for seminar The Edges of Home Ownership

21 August 2014

The Faculty, Cambridge University, RMIT and Curtin University have won an Urban Studies Foundation Grant to organize a 2-day seminar. The aim of the seminar is to set out lines for a clear vision for a sustainable future for housing systems.Continue


Clear signs of housing market recovery

20 August 2014

More mortgage applications, mortgages issued, home sales and an increase in the overall home prices. These are all clear indications of a recovering housing market.Continue


What can be done on the ground to counter aircraft noise?

11 August 2014

Most research into reducing aircraft noise focuses on the source of the noise, the planes themselves, rather than on the spatial environment. But as Master’s student Martijn Lugten has shown in his graduation research at TU Delft, there is also a lot to be gained from measures in the construction industry, such as planting sound-resistant vegetation, and designing non-standard street patterns,...Continue

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