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Courtyards against climate change

20 November 2014

A warmer climate demands new, passive design solutions. According to the PhD research by Mohammad Taleghani, building around courtyards would be an excellent solution for the Netherlands. This could considerably improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Mohammad will be defending his thesis on 3 December.Continue


Unaffordable rental accommodation leads to more debts

19 November 2014

Rising rents and fewer available cheap rental properties are causing an increase in debt among tenants with low and below-average incomes. Their financial situation is also deteriorating due to cutbacks in allowances. This was shown during the Wooncongres event organised by OTB and Platform31.Continue


(In)visible Building Blocks in the Dutch City

19 November 2014

Today’s ‘gated communities’ had a forerunner with many centuries of rich history: the little courtyard. It is possible to create a (partly) closed-off piece of the city using architectural features much more subtle than fences and barriers, as Willemijn Wilms Floet demonstrates in her doctoral thesis, which she will defend on 4 December. Continue


Shaping the city: the influence of urban institutions in Amsterdam

19 November 2014

Urban institutions put a powerful stamp on the form of the city, and contribute to its transformation as patrons. As such, they constitute essential links for urban historical research. As Esther Gramsbergen has found in her doctoral research, too little attention has been paid to this to date. She will defend her thesis on 2 December.Continue


10.000 likes on BK Facebook

19 November 2014

This weekend, the faculty Facebook page got its 10.000th like. The page achieves at least 1,000 views per message, making it an excellent means of communication with the outside world, particularly for students, alumni and prospective students (including Master's students). Continue

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