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Peter Boelhouwer appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau

25 April 2016

Prof. Peter Boelhouwer, Professor of Housing Systems at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in a ceremony in Zoetermeer.Continue


Glass stronger than brick for Chanel’s new facade

24 April 2016

A wall of glued glass bricks that is ten times as strong as a regular brick facade. Experiments conducted by the Glass & Transparency research group proved this could be true. Their test results have been used to make Chanel’s historic storefront at the P.C. Hooftstraat transparent. ‘This wall could support a herd of elephants and it can withstand an attack with a sledgehammer.’Continue


‘Dutch hospital designers are not learning’

14 April 2016

Those involved in the design and construction of hospitals often have little hard scientific knowledge of ‘healing environments’ and the knowledge that they do have, is not being used. These are conclusions of the research carried out by doctoral candidate Milee Herweijer. She argues for improved knowledge sharing and better use of the academic research that is available in order to create better...Continue


Delft Education Fellowship for Dick van Gameren

07 April 2016

Dick van Gameren has been awarded a Delft Education Fellowship on April 1. Van Gameren is part of the first four Education Fellows of the university. The fellowships are awarded annually to four teachers who make a substantial and valuable contribution to the education of TU Delft.Continue

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