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Urban sprawl responsible for 30% of all greenhouse gases

26 November 2015

Urban sprawl accounts for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, and curbing this urban sprawl could be key to slowing down climate change. These are the conclusions doctoral candidate Michael Mehaffy draws in his doctoral research. He has developed software that can predict how urban design will influence CO2 emissions. Continue


Pierre van Zinnen received royal decoration

25 November 2015

Last Saturday Pierre van Zinnen was presented a royal decoration, constituting recognition for his exceptional service to society. In addition to the 40 years of commitment to our University, Pierre held a key role in the amateur football world for 50 years as a player, coach, board member and technical coordinator, contributing largely to both the community and the sport.Continue


Faculty’s research proposals granted half a million euros worth of funding

26 November 2015

Get ready for aesthetically pleasing renovations and the return of ‘trombe walls’ for STW awarded the proposals lead by Vincent Gruis and Martin Tenpierik a whopping quarter of a million.Continue


Vacant buildings can sometimes be a blessing in disguise

12 November 2015

Vacant buildings may be disastrous for investors, banks and other stakeholders, but may also be a blessing in disguise. Reused offices add value as building blocks in a varied business biotope, argues Professor Hans de Jonge (Management in the Built Environment). He calls for greater focus on value, rather than price.Continue


Ethnic segregation in Holland not harmful for intergration

12 November 2015

Ethnic segregation in Dutch residential areas does not by definition have a negative impact on integration and the social opportunities available to immigrants. These are the conclusions Sanne Boschman (OTB) draws in her doctoral research. When it comes to contact between people living in certain areas, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a ‘black’ or a ‘white’ neighbourhood. Continue


Memory in Architecture

12 November 2015

Wars, attacks and disasters that claim the lives of multiple victims are often commemorated in the form of monuments. Translating melancholy into architecture calls for particular sensitivity on the part of the designer, argues Sabina Tanović in her doctoral research on Memory in Architecture.Continue


‘GIS enhances the spatial intelligence of landscape architects’

11 November 2015

Acclaimed designs such as Stourhead landscape garden are a valuable source of knowledge for spatial designers. Geographic information systems (GIS) can help us to acquire new design knowledge and further enhance spatial intelligence within landscape architecture, argues doctoral candidate Steffen Nijhuis. Continue


‘The design is an illustration of the quality that you’re delivering’

11 November 2015

A successful urban planning design is not something one achieves with a slick image, but through intensive dialogue with the user. This can keep designers from veering to extremes and increase added value for society, says Rients Dijkstra in his inaugural address on ‘Design and Society’, which he held on 20 November.Continue


Inaugural address by Ellen van Bueren: ‘The Great Urban Bake Off'

12 November 2015

Although the urban environment is incredibly dynamic, existing organisational forms are completely ill suited to it. Ellen van Bueren, the brand-new professor of Urban Development Management believes that experimentation and a bottom-up approach are essential in order to guide us in the right direction towards more sustainable cities. In her inaugural address entitled ‘The Great Urban Bake Off’,...Continue


Nadia Remmerswaal receives STW Open Mind grant worth €50.000,-

05 November 2015

On 5 November, graduate Nadia Remmerswaal was granted an Open Mind fund worth €50.000 for her graduation project ‘Tra-digital hybrids’. STW Open Mind grants socially involved researchers who have a creative idea which can significantly contribute to a better world.Continue


‘Tackle sustainability issues more efficiently with an integrated contract’

29 October 2015

The sustainability of social housing dwellings is tackled more efficiently with an integrated contract than with a traditional tender. In his comparative analysis, PhD candidate Baldiri Salcedo Rahola shows that 'design-build-maintenance' contracts provide the highest energy savings.Continue


We Care a Lot: Design as Politics joins forces with "Atelier Rijksbouwmeester"

29 October 2015

Atelier Rijksbouwmeester (the Government’s Real Estate Agency) asked Design as Politics and two adverturous, young alumni to develop new concepts for healthcare in three Dutch cities. Naturally they said yes.Continue


Archiprix 2016 nominees announced

29 October 2015

After a long evening of admiring, discussing and judging, the jury proudly announces the following nine graduates as the representatives of the Faculty during Archiprix 2016…Continue

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