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Peek into the history of colonial built heritage

16 February 2017

The digital repository for colonial architecture and urban planning created by the Chair of History of Architecture & Urban Planning will soon be available for commercial use. Audiovisual tours will be used to make the wealth of information accessible to the public. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has provided a grant for this.Continue


Housing market dynamics threatened by limited housing supply and mortgage interest rate developments

06 February 2017

The year 2016 can go into the books as the best year for the Dutch housing market since the start of the housing market crisis in 2008. With almost 215,000 transactions and a rise in house prices of 6% over the year, we are now back to the level of 2007 as far as sales of existing owner-occupied homes are concerned.Continue


‘Chinese housing policy creates segregation’

02 February 2017

The turbulent history of Chinese housing policy is often detrimental to young people hoping to buy a house in the city, especially for those from rural areas. Prospective buyers are dependent on wealthy parents, concludes doctoral candidate Wenjing Deng. She advocates a redistribution of wealth.Continue


Memorial for Sarajevo’s Tunnel

30 January 2017

After doing a PhD on the subject 'Memory in Architecture' and now a visiting researcher of the chair History of Architecture & Urban Planning, Sabina Tanović won a competition for a memorial museum that brings here knowledge into practice.Continue


[Translate to English:] OpenCourseWare ‘Seismic Essentials’ van start

21 February 2017

[Translate to English:] De aardbevingen in Groningen zijn bijzonder: aardbevingen als gevolg van gaswinning, zogenaamde ‘geïnduceerde aardbevingen’, veroorzaakt een reeks problemen waarmee wereldwijd weinig ervaring is. De TU Delft is daarom samen met ingenieursbureau Arup, TNO en de TU Eindhoven de OpenCourseWare (OCW) serie ‘Seismic Essentials’ gestart. De collegereeks is vanaf vandaag online...Continue


Light spectacle in front of the Aula

13 January 2017

In celebration of the 175th birthday of the TU Delft, students of our faculty designed and build a pavilion that will be shows for exactly 175 days. On Friday 13 Januari the pavilion will be opened during the anniversary celebration at 16:40 in front of the Aula, following a celebration at i.d Kaffee. Continue

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