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Faculty welcomes international students

10 September 2014

During the kick-off of the academic year, the faculty of Architecture and the Built environment is proud to welcome 282 international students. One third of all our MSc students in 2014-2015 comes from abroad. On 29 August they received a special welcome at BK City from faculty secretary Kenneth Heijns, the International Office and Stylos. Continue


Ulrich Knaack appointed as professor in Darmstadt

10 September 2014

Ulrich Knaack (AE&T) has been appointed as a part-time professor at the Technische Universität Darmstadt for the Façade Technology chair. The focus of this chair lies on the research and technology of the building envelope.Continue


Atelier Bow-Wow gives Designers of the Future lecture

10 September 2014

Every year a designer or firm with outstanding work and viewpoints is invited to give the prestigious Designers of the Future lecture. This year Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima of Atelier Bow-Wow, will talk about post-disaster housing. Atelier Bow-Wow is one of the most innovative practices working today.Continue


Gavin Wood new visiting professor

10 September 2014

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is pleased to welcome professor Gavin Wood from RMIT University in Australia as visiting professor. He is the third visiting professor this academic year, alongside professors Cruz and Ortiz. Wood's work will include heading research into the funding of housebuilding in times of crisis. Continue


Stefan van der Spek will deliver a lecture in Newcastle

10 September 2014

On Wednesday 17 September, Stefan van der Spek (Geomatics) will give his inaugural lecture as visiting professor at the Northumbria University in Newcastle. In his lecture ‘Sensing the City: Advances in Tracking Technologies’, he will talk about the contribution made by tracking technology to urban design and planning.Continue


Jan des Bouvrie in ‘Others about us’ lecture series

10 September 2014

On 12 September, Jan des Bouvrie will give the opening lecture of the ‘Others about us’ lecture series organised by students of Explore Lab. Well-known speakers from outside the field of architecture will talk about spatial experience and the role this plays in their work. Continue


Architecture students should have to learn archaeology

10 September 2014

The rise of modernism led to the polarisation of traditional architecture. And as a result, a lot got lost in the process, observes doctoral candidate Nelson Mota. He is looking for a middle way, a modern architecture that allows for growth and change. The work of the architect Álvaro Siza is an example of this.Continue


Inadequate land registration thwarts African urbanisation

10 September 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa is rapidly becoming urbanised, but land registration remains an issue. PhD candidate Paul van Asperen conducted research into several newly developed registration instruments. His conclusion: they are useful, but Africa still has a long way to go. Continue


City Game 'Play the City' helps to come up with solutions to urban problems

10 September 2014

The visions of citizens and experts on the future of urban development are often miles apart. Nevertheless, doctoral candidate Ekim Tan believes that they can be reconciled through play. Formal and informal interested parties can find each other in her city game ‘Play the City’, which she designed herself. Continue


‘Having someone who waters the plants is preferable to a discussion about payback periods’

10 September 2014

Collective initiatives by citizens for housing sustainability hardly ever get off the ground. Why is that? It is because professionals who are involved rely too heavily on their own agendas, says PhD candidate Fred Sanders. Residents find neighbourhood ties much more important than projected returns. Continue


Visit the most sustainable terraced house on TU Delft campus

08 September 2014

On Monday 25 August, the Dutch Minister of Housing and Civil Service, Stef Blok opened the world's most sustainable terraced house in the Green Village on the TU Delft campus. The students will organize public free public tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays every two weeks. Starting 10 September on Wednesday from 14:00 till 16:00 and 13 September on Saturday from 10:00 till 12:00.Continue


Minister Blok opens world’s most sustainable terraced house on TU Delft campus

21 August 2014

On Monday 25 August, the Dutch Minister of Housing and Civil Service, Stef Blok will open the world's most sustainable terraced house in the Green Village on the TU Delft campus. With their concept Prêt-à-Loger, Home with a Skin, the TU Delft student team won first prize in the Sustainability category at the Solar Decathlon 2014 in Versailles. The terraced house sets an example for improving the...Continue

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