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In memoriam Jo Soeter

01 July 2015

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the sudden death of Jo Soeter PhD. Until his retirement in 2010 he was Associate Professor of Building Economics at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology. During his 34 year long career he has inspired many generations of students and fulfilled important management positions, among others in the Faculty Board. He was one of...Continue


Daniel Rosbottom to be the new Interior Chair professor

25 June 2015

From 15 July 2015, Daniel Rosbottom will be the new professor of the Architecture of the Interior Chair in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The Chair focuses on the public, urban interior as a critical component of the contemporary city.Continue


Wouter Vanstiphout about "Living in Change"

25 June 2015

Today, the Committee of the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure explained its advisory report entitled ‘Wonen in verandering’ (‘changes in housing’) to Minister Stef Blok. Chairman of the committee, Wouter van Stiphout will explain the content of the report. Continue


Francesca Rizzetto one of the four winners of the ArchiPrix NL 2015

24 June 2015

The jury about (RE) Claimed Country: "An extremely complex and seemingly hopeless case is credibly addressed at all levels". The subject of Rizzetto's (Urbanism) graduation project is the region around the southern Italian Taranto. Continue


Victor Muñoz Sanz Emerging Curator at the Canadian Center for Architecture

11 June 2015

Victor Muñoz Sanz, (Urbanism) has been selected as the 2015 Emerging Curator at the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA). Together with Marta Relats (Urbanism) he will work on the project off: RE: onshore. Continue


Nico Tillie Vice President World Council on City Data

11 June 2015

The World Council on City Data (WCCD) coordinates efforts in the field of urban open data and provides a platform for urban standardized data. For the faculty there are plenty of opportunities to use these data in research and projects.Continue


Supply chain collaboration facilitates adaptation to climate change

11 June 2015

Chain collaboration can provide a substantial stimulus in terms of adapting housing-association homes to climate change. Knowledge and planning are more manageable and there is greater coherence than in traditional tendering procedures. This has been shown in research carried out by PhD candidate Martin Roders.Continue


150 models of art-gallery the Kunsthal in the Kunsthal

10 June 2015

At the end of the third year of their studies, the students at the Faculty are required to perform a Bachelor’s assignment with the working title Gebouw&Techniek (Buildings and Technology). The past two years they had to create a new or improved Kunsthal in nine weeks. From 5 July - 30 August in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam.Continue


Heritage Plus funding for Vincent Nadin

10 June 2015

Vincent Nadin (Urbanism) has won funding from the European Joint Programming Initiative ‘Heritage Plus’ for the PICH-project. In this project Nadin will investigate the effect of reforms of urban planning in Europe on urban landscape heritage and place identity. Continue


BK-students develop new ideas for dune-friendly buildings on Oerol

10 June 2015

In the coming years the number of dormitories will increase along the North Sea coast. Moreover, the users want to stay longer in the cottages and owners want to exploit them throughout the year. This is presenting certain problems for Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Waterways and Public Works) and the district water boards. Continue


Better sports buildings through computer-driven design

10 June 2015

Good athletic performances are more than the result of dedicated training alone; some of the credit goes to well-designed sports buildings. Consequently, TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute supports computer-driven design research by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Ideally, this will lead to better and more sustainable sports facilities.Continue

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