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Mining Istanbul: concentration for a more sustainable city

24 August 2016

The benefits of recycling materials do not only apply to consumer items, but also to entire cities. Francesco Apostoli examined Istanbul and came up with a processing plant that combines the recycling of discarded electronics with a more sustainable use of the city. His graduation project entitled 'Mining Istanbul’ was selected to be entered for the Archiprix International. Continue


Smart real estate strategy stimulates innovation on campus

25 August 2016

Technology campuses can provide a boost to their urban environment and can also receive one from that environment. The research conducted by doctoral candidate Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel has revealed that if you want to ensure the best possible mutual stimulation you must do everything possible to facilitate the opportunities for meeting and connecting.Continue


Granted: The impact of oil on Rotterdam on the Maas

22 August 2016

Carola Hein and Alexander Koutamanis have received funding of NWO-KIEM (€ 15,000) for their research project and exhibition "The impact of oil on Rotterdam on the Maas'. This project examines the impact of oil on our lives and the way of life in Rotterdam.Continue


Stedelijk Museum shows graduation work Stoutjesdijk

22 August 2016

From 25 August till 1 Januari, het Stedelijk Museum will be showing the graduation work of Pieter Stoutejesdijk. The 1 on 1 scale model of his project Shelter for Haïti is part of the exposition Dream out Loud.Continue


3D model benefits demographers and urban planners

08 August 2016

The 3D GeoInformation research group from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is working on building a 3D model of all the towns and cities in the Netherlands. It is the only model of its kind on a national scale and can be used to accurately project the size of the population. It is also a useful tool for creating flood models and calculating noise and daylight contours.Continue


ComfortCity: made-to-measure refugee house thanks to CNC cutter

03 August 2016

Vacant commercial buildings are eminently suitable for refugee housing. A team from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built environment produced a cut-to-measure internal construction package to create a new home for refugees. Their prizewinning idea ComfortCity provides diversity and quality of living as well as being cheap.Continue

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