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Dear is Durable for Hans de Jonge

28 November 2016

Presenting twenty-five years of teaching and research, the book 'Dear is Durable' is the Liber Amicorum for Hans de Jonge to mark his farewell as professor of real estate management and development.Continue


Farewell speech by Han Meyer: “The City of the Future – The Future of Urbanism”

23 November 2016

Urbanism is a spatial tug-of-war between the public and private domains, with urbanists as its referees. But in facing the many challenges of the future, retiring Professor of Urban Compositions Han Meyer believes they very much need the help of other specialists.Continue


Rotor announced as this spring’s Visiting Professors

23 November 2016

Coming spring the faculty welcomes Lionel Devlieger and Maarten Gielen of the Brussels based office Rotor as Visiting Professors.Continue


Policy Instruments to Improve Energy Performance of Existing Owner Occupied Dwellings

23 November 2016

Lorraine Murphy successfully defended her dissertation ‘Policy Instruments to Improve Energy Performance of Existing Owner Occupied Dwellings. Understanding and Insight’ on Monday 14 November at Delft University of Technology.Continue


17/11 Opening of cycle route and Delft Symbiobrug

11 November 2016

On 17 November the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Midden-Delfland recreational amenities board and the City of Delft will officially open a new cycle route and a remarkable new bridge: the Symbiobrug. The bridge, designed by Rafail Gkaidatzis, was the winning entry in a design competition for TU Delft architecture students in 2014. The name Symbiobrug is a reflection of the interaction between...Continue

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