Atelier Kustkwaliteit: towards a strong, beautiful and economically vibrant Dutch coast

03 May 2012 by Marketing & Communicatie

The Dutch coast is of absolutely crucial importance to the country’s safety. But what else does the North Sea coast have to offer the Netherlands?

At the Atelier Kustkwaliteit (Coastal Quality Studio), the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, the Dutch coastal provinces of North and South Holland, Friesland and Zeeland, the Delta programme (Coast sub-programme), and Van Oord BV are developing new ideas for the safety and spatial quality of the Dutch coast.

In keeping with natural processes

The Netherlands needs a coastal reinforcement approach that is perfectly in keeping with the natural processes and dynamics of the coast. That much is evident from the first results of Atelier Kustkwaliteit. The current, rigid policy of coastal management should be replaced by a more dynamic form of management, to allow the ecological quality of the coast to develop optimally.  In addition, to keep up with rising sea levels, a controlled process of sedimentation should also be initiated, implementing a so-called ‘growing coast’.

The Dutch coast: variation in colour and function

Besides natural processes, Atelier Kustkwaliteit also looks at the social functions of the Dutch coast. Research reveals that abolishing the currently mandatory reservation zone for coastal towns could result in a revitalisation of the seafront. Moreover, the new coastal approach should also enable ’bespoke’ management for individual coastal towns or regions.  This would give the Dutch coastal landscape a varied appearance, thus enabling a differentiated spectrum of social functions.

Students contribute ideas

Atelier Kustkwaliteit collaborates closely with TU Delft and Wageningen University. For example, students taking the Master’s track in Urbanism (TU Delft Faculty of Architecture) have developed future scenarios for the coastal towns of Vlissingen, Katwijk and Den Helder. Atelier Kustkwaliteit also stimulates further collaboration and exchange of knowledge: students working in the Master’s studio Delta Interventions (Urbanism, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture) and students from Wageningen University collaborate with the participating knowledge institutes and studio participants.

Atelier Kustkwaliteit (Coastal Quality Studio)

Atelier Kustkwaliteit is a workshop aimed at developing, designing, broadening, and disseminating new ideas for safety and spatial quality of the Dutch coast. In 2011, in collaboration with engineers, designers, professionals and scientists, Atelier Kustkwaliteit organised four projects,  from the safety question as an incentive for urban seaside resorts, future-proof coastal sections and the identity and character of coastal towns to the ecological value of dune landscapes and the effect of supplementation strategies. In 2012 the results will be combined in an overall development strategy for the Dutch coast.  This strategy will serve as input for national and provincial coastal policy.

Atelier Kustkwaliteit has been made possible by the Dutch 'Stimuleringsfonds Architectuur.

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