Sneak peek into BK City

10 March 2016 by Communication BK

To give those who do not (yet) study or work at the faculty a glimpse of what life within the walls of BK City is all about, a beautifully shot film was made. Watch it here.

Life never slows down in BK City, TU Delft’s Architecture and the Built Environment Faculty. It is a living lab, a funky, inspiring, spacious environment that is home to young designers and passionate researchers. BK City is an international breeding ground for creative thinking, imagination, and both thoughtful and beautiful inventions. It is a place that is buzzing with life from early in the morning til late at night. With thousands of people studying, designing, conducting research and acquiring knowledge, it is the place where new ideas come to life.

It has its own library, bookshop, printshop and in the heart of the building there’s a modelhall. Here you will find every tool you’ll ever need to make a fast sketch or great presentation model, ranging from 3D printers and CNC milling machines to hand saws, large tables and a model-photography booth.

Meet up with your fellow students and tutors in the faculty’s espressobar or wind down in the Bouwpub - the faculty’s own on campus pub - at the end of the day to exchange thoughts with people from all around the world.

The faculty is very internationally oriented: over thirty percent of the students enrolled at BK City are from abroad and visiting professors from all over the world come to Delft to lecture, give workshops and host seminars.

Both renown for its high academic standards and creative edge, driven, academically interested, ambitious creatives will feel right at home in the faculty. With countless facilities and a staff body consisting of both top notch academics and internationally famous professionals, BK City supplies the crème de la crème with the best possible environment to flourish.

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