Financial burdens and benefits land exploitation are highly concentrated in a few municipalities

09 March 2017 by Communication BK

Prof dr. Willem Korthals Altes (OTB) shares an overview of the financial data of municipalities’ land exploitation from Q4 2016.

The positive balance of municipal land exploitation was € 688 million at the end of the 4th quarter, an increase of 31% compared to 2015. The majority of the municipalities (62%) have a positive balance. Added up, the balance of these municipalities is almost € 900 million. Half of this balance, roughly € 450 million, is concentrated in only ten of these municipalities. In municipalities with a negative balance we also see these strong concentrations: while 38% of all municipalities have a negative balance which in total amounts to approximately € 220 million, as much as half of this deficit, so about € 110 million, is concentrated in the ten municipalities with the largest deficit. We see these high concentrations of deficit and surplus in both municipalities with a negative balance as well as in municipalities with a positive balance.

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