The Graduate School for Architecture and the Built Environment (A+BE) is one of the eight faculty graduate schools that operate under the umbrella of the TU Delft Graduate School, which provides general support for all PhD candidates at TU Delft and lays down a minimum set of rules and regulations that apply to all faculty graduate schools. The Graduate School A+BE website provides information that is specific to our graduate school.

International Rankings

  • Faculty of A+BE ranks fourth in the QS World University Rankings.
  • In the category Built Environment and Design TU Delft has the highest score in the World University Ranking Academic Performance.

Graduate School A+BE

Graduate School for Architecture and the Built Environment 

The Graduate School for Architecture and the Built Environment (A+BE) is one of TU Delft’s eight graduate schools. At A+BE, Dutch and international PhD candidates graduate in Architecture, Building Technology, Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, Geomatics, Management of the Built Environment and Housing, covering such aspects as history, cultural heritage and sustainability.

The Faculty of Architecture has an internationally renowned reputation. Its international focus and diverse body of students makes it a stimulating environment for ambitious PhD candidates who wish to obtain a doctoral degree from a leading design academy/research institute. PhD candidates benefit from close interaction with world-class researchers and educators and are well supervised throughout their education. A full-time PhD programme normally takes four years.


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