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Current PhD Projects

This is the kind of research our PhD candidates are currently involved in.

Application & Selection

Doing a PhD at A+BE is different from doing a BSc or an MSc: in the latter cases, you simply apply for the programme and show up for courses at the start of the semester. To enrol for the PhD programme, however, there are three possible routes. 

(1) Apply for a salaried position
When a larger research project has been granted national or international funding, paid positions often become available for a postdoc or PhD candidate to carry out the research. Whenever we have such a position, we announce it here.

(2) Apply for an open unsalaried position / hot topic
From time to time, research programmes like to attract candidates for specific topics. These are topics carefully chosen to help develop the research programme in a desired direction and for which supervision capacity is available. The current list of topics can be found here

(3) Submit an open application

If you opt for an open application procedure, we'll ask you to submit a full proposal on your research topic of choice and to source your own external funding. Read more

There are various ways in which you can obtain a doctorate degree at TU Delft. At A+BE:

  • 39% of candidates either work for companies that fund their studies or have external scholarships.
  • 25% of candidates are employees of TU Delft whose main job is to work on their PhD projects.
  • 21% of the other candidates work on their PhD projects in their own time, and 15% do so besides their other job activities at the Faculty.

This schedule will help you to work out which way would best fit your situation.

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