Doctoral Regulations

The Doctoral Regulations and the accompanying Implementation Decree form the juridical framework of the rights and obligations of doctoral candidates, supervisors and other involved persons.

A hard copy is available from the departmental secretaries and the Graduate Office.


More on Rules & Regulations (probably too much detail for applicants!).

Doing a PhD at A+BE

The core of the PhD programme at Graduate School A+BE is the candidate's research project. Each candidate is supported by a supervisory team, a PhD mentor, progress meetings and the Doctoral Education programme. We expect candidates to complete their programmes within four years.

Research programmes at A+BE

Research at A+BE is conducted within the following nine research programmes.

You will carry out your research project within one of these programmes.

Support & Supervision
Each PhD candidate executes his or her research under the supervision of a supervisory team, which usually consists of the main supervisor (a professor) and one or more secondary supervisors. Additional researchers can be brought in if the project involves collaboration elsewhere in the Faculty or outside it. Secondary supervisors are assigned to new candidates after their first few months at A+BE. Each PhD candidate also gets a PhD mentor, who is usually based at the candidate’s department. The full support system is more extensive, though. Take a look at this image.

PhD process
A full-time PhD research project usually takes four years. In order to keep PhD candidates on track, they are required to attend several progress and evaluation meetings with their supervisory teams.

  1. Intake at the University Graduate School
  2. 3 months: establishment of the PhD agreement (a training and supervision plan)
  3. 6 months: optional progress meeting
  4. 9–15 months: go/no go meeting (a full proposal and a first proof of writing)
  5. 24 months: first progress meeting
  6. 36 months: second progress meeting
  7. Doctoral defence ceremony and exit interview

These events have been brought together in a helpful timeline.

Doctoral Education programme

TU Delft requires all PhD candidates not only to develop their research skills through their research project, but also to work on their personal and professional skills. To this end, we have developed the Doctoral Education programme. During this programme, you are required to obtain 45 Graduate School credits. Your study load is a suggested 15 credits a year, considering your final year will be spent on completing your thesis. A+BE and the University Graduate School offer you the possibility to obtain these credits through specific courses and through research-related on-the-job activities. We will also encourage you to find courses within the national and international networks of your supervisors that are the most suitable for and appropriate to your study.


The final product of your PhD research is a thesis, preferably comprising four or five scientific articles published in or accepted by peer-reviewed journals that are indexed in ISI and/or Scopus. Graduate School A+BE can publish your PhD thesis in a series as a hard copy book, an interactive PDF file and an EPUB.

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