Research programmes

As one of the largest architecture faculties in Europe and leading design academy , the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment plays a key role in 'design-oriented research'. Our research ranks about the best in Europe. In Architectural & Built Environment, TU Delft ranks fourth worldwide (source: QS ranking 2016).

The Architectural Project and its Foundations

The research programme ‘Architectural project’ focuses explicitly on architecture as métier, or ‘craft’ in the broadest sense of the word; a field in which making and thinking are inextricably linked. The programme regards the ‘architectural project’ as the cornerstone of architectural practice and reflection. >> Read more

Design & History

The basis of this research programme is a shared vision: the interaction and integration of all relevant aspects pertaining to the reconstruction, restoration, preservation, revitalization and transformation of the built heritage as well as to the building technologies of the past and newly developed methods used in restoration work. >> Read more

Green Building Innovation

Society must undergo a transition towards an economy that is based on renewable or recyclable resources and a built environment that is largely self-sustaining. The greatest challenge lies in the alteration of existing areas. >> Read more

Innovations in Management Built Environment

This research programme stimulates and evaluates innovation in the management of the built environment through evidence-based decision making on the part of clients, developers, investors, architects, engineers, policy makers and users involved in the initiation, design, construction and the development or redevelopment of the built environment. >> Read more


Urbanism investigates the relationships between urban patterns, society and design and planning interventions that may promote a more sustainable and fair urban environment. >> Read more

Computation & Performance

The developments in architecture, building design and the built environment are driven by attempts to achieve step changes in performance. The most important way to attain this is to develop innovative computational tools, techniques and methods in the design, manufacturing and construction process. >> Read more

Geoinformation Technology & Governance

This research programme investigates how both technology and governance aspects of the spatial information infrastructure can be further strengthened in order to solve complex social, industrial and management activities in the built environment. >> Read more

Housing in a Changing Society

Housing in a Changing Society deals with the question how to achieve sufficient, sustainable and affordable housing by studying housing markets, housing governance, housing management and housing quality. >> Read more 

Urban and Regional Studies

The Urban and Regional Studies programme investigates the interrelationships between every-day social and spatial patterns, and the governance and growing complexity of neighbourhoods, cities and regions. >> Read more


Certain research questions touch on multiple domains and disciplines, requiring a combination of different kinds of knowledge and research. >> Read more

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