Both nationally and internationally, TU Delft's Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment holds a leading position in its field. Not only does the faculty offer trendsetting Bachelor's, Master's and Post-master's programmes in the field of architecture, but also in related disciplines including landscape architecture, housing, building physics, and climate design and sustainability. Within the faculty students can choose from a number of minors and participate in an exchange programme.

Bachelor's degree programme

The Bachelor's degree programme in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences introduces you to the various fields in which architectural engineers work. The scope of the programme is broad. In three years you will learn all the basic skills and techniques you need for this. The Bachelor's degree programme is in Dutch.
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Master's degree programmes

Following your Bachelor's degree, you can transfer to a Master's programme in which you can expand your knowledge and skills further. In the Master's degree programme you will specialise further in a particular area of the discipline. >> Read further

Exchange programme

Especially for students who want to broaden their horizon, the faculty offers an intensive Exchange programme. A good way to get acquainted with new technical knowledge and creative ideas from abroad. Exchange students follow a part of a Master programme.
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Visit us

Want to know more about studying at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment? Visit us.
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Minors and electives

A minor and/or an elective forms part of the Bachelor's degree programme and may also be taken by students from other faculties and universities. The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment offers six minors aimed at broadening your education and gaining more in-depth knowledge.
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Post-master's programmes

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment offers a diverse range of Post-master's programmes. You can choose a PhD programme or one of the Post-master's programmes.
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International students

The faculty is proudly multinational. All master programmes are taught in English and 30 per cent of our master’s students come from outside the Netherlands. Our staff come from equally diverse international backgrounds and are involved in research projects around the world. >> Read futher

Online education

It is also possible to take online courses at the Faculty.
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