Student projects

46 of these MSc graduation projects are chosen as the faculty’s Archiprix preselection 2016.

Architectural Engineering

Twana Gul
The Refugee City

Nadia Remmerswaal
Tra-Digital Hybrids

Eric Geboers
The Salt Project




Emilie van Wijnbergen
Earthquake architecture -
balancing conflicting ectives

Teun Verkerk

Cederick Ingen-Housz
Highway as a new urban centre




Architecture of the Interior

Titus Lammertse
Kintsugi, the elephant and the blind men

Bogdan Rusu
Depression Treatment and Prevention Center

Xiangyu Li
Elderly house Amsterdam




Daan Vulkers
The Place of Work

Julia Hegenwald
The Place of Work

Immanuel Tashiro
Amsterdam Zuidas City Campus




Complex Projects

Gianna Bottema
Sounds of the City

Thomas Ponds
Paso del Norte Border Bridge

Edwin Damen
Garfield Park Cemetery





Bas Hoevenaars
Less space, more place!

Jules Gallissian

Roland Anton Drieënhuizen
The New Urban Community





Maarten Kempenaar
Integrated Integrative Infrastructure

Tomas Dirrix
Constructing Romanticism

Marta Pabel
Museum of Contemparary Art Warschau




Warner van Haaren

The private house & the collective home

Jonathan Lazar & Matteo Schiavone
¿Vale Todo?

Tadeáš Ríha

The Ruin and the Mall




Roxane van Hoof
The Creditor and The Debtor

Laura Linsi

Composite Countryside:

A Shed for Production

Charlotte Grace
The Architecture of the Contemporary Barricade




Robbert Verheij
Villa Huisduinen - Palimpsest


Heritage & Architecture

Tessa Bloembergen
The Collective Network -
Connecting through shared space

Maarten van der Burg
Transforming cultural heritage in the heart of Amsterdam

Rens van Dijk
Searching for identity




Meinou van der Kooi
La Vision Verte

Merle van Marissing
L’Usine Electrique, a factory for knowledge

Luca Morosetti
The Contemporary Monastery


Vasiliki Koliaki
Amphibious Aggregations




Public Building

Nasimsadat Razavian
Wall of Happiness

Francesco Apostoli
Mining Istanbul:
A project for an urban refinery

Michal Papez
Dual Context of Istanbul





Maria Kritsioudi
Living with the others

Ekaterina Andrusenko
Versatile London

Martina Gentili
Utopia of Normality




Min jung Kim
Choreographic Borders

Iren Koomen
Street Smart



Landscape Architecture

Robin de Louw
Cultural Enclave

Doris van Hooijdonk 
Water no get Enemy




European Post-master in Urbanism (EMU)

Aditya Deshmukh
Water and the city of Pune (India)

Building Technology

Luuk Graamans
The redevelopment of vacant urban structures into viable food production centres utilising agricultural production techniques

Monasadat Miraliyari
Designing a Movable Bridge with Glass Structural Elements

Pierre Mostert
A filament wound pillar for a pedestrian bridge

Puttakhun Vongsingha
Adaptive Façade for Windload reduction in High-rise

Juan F. Azcárate-Aguerre
Façades as a Product-Service System

Management in the Built Environment

Jonathan van den Heuvel
Klushuisbewoners als Best Persons?

Vincent Marchetto
Resilient DenCity:
Integrating Real Estate, Flood Resilience, and Urban Design on the Jersey City Waterfront

Bart Valks
Designing and Testing a Strategy Game


Iris Theunisse
The Visualization of Urban Heat Island Indoor Temperatures

Rusne Sileryte
Analysis of Urban Space Networks for Recreational Purpose based on Mobile Sports Tracking Application Data

Matilde Oliveti
Analysis of mobility patterns in different neighbourhoods, integrating GPS tracks with OpenStreetMap data

Damien Mulder
Automatic repair of geometrically invalid 3D City Building models using a voxel-based repair method

Karl van Winden
Automatically deriving and updating attribute road data from movement trajectories

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