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One of the programme specialisations of the MSc Building Technology track is the Façade Design Program. 

About the program
Due to the cooperation, knowledge and research exchange with the VMRG (Dutch Facade Builder Association), the KCG (Knowledge Centre of the Dutch facade industry)  and partners from industry (Rollecate Groep , Alcoa, Vetrotech Saint Gobain and DGMR), students also benefit from close links with professional practice. 
Facades are one of the most technically challenging, complex and multidisciplinary parts of a building. A façade not only defines the appearance of the building and its architectural expression, but it also determines how the building technically functions in terms of comfort (daylight, climate, acoustics, pleasant ambience, etc.), energy performance, sustainability and safety. Besides its technical aspects, the façade also plays an important role when it comes to investment costs and building operating costs (maintenance, energy consumption).
In view of this fascinating and multidisciplinary context, the Facade Design Program will teach MSc candidates how to design and develop facade structures on an academic level. Key topics are energy consumption and sustainability, typology, materialization, fabrication and assembly of facades. 

Education on Façade Design within BT master track
In the first semester students develop core technical knowledge, following lectures and seminars about building technology in general, including several topics on façade design as well. Students also follow the Bucky Lab seminars and design studio, giving them the opportunity to construct their own experimental facade project in a 1:1 scale. In the second semester students can choose from technical electives offered by the building technology track, including the course Technoledge Façade Design. 
In the second semester students also follow an innovation and sustainability course together with EXTREME, a project for integrated design dealing with façade, structural and climate aspects. In the third semester the SWAT studio takes the form of an intense two-week workshop, focusing on a particular location from which students develop individual projects. In the final semester students can develop a graduation project that focuses on façade design.

Facade Research Group
The education on Façade Design is strongly interconnected with the research and practical applications of the Facade Research Group (part of chair DOC).

Link to practice
International network
Within the Facade Design Program the Department of Building Technology  works together with several partner universities  such as the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University in Germany, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland and the University of Bath in the UK. 

As mentioned before, the Facade Design Program is one of the programme specialisations of the MSc Building Technology track. A MSc graduate in Building Technology with the specialization Facade Design might find a career as either a technical generalist or a facade specialist at architecture or engineering firms, in the facade or supply industry, or project development sectors. You may also choose to start your own business or opt for an academic career as a PhD student.

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