“Without research, design lacks direction.“

As one of the largest architecture faculties in Europe and leading design academy, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment plays a key role in 'design-oriented research'. The following categories of research at the faculty can be distinguished: evaluation research, historical research, conceptual research and practical research. The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment comprises nine research programmes.

“The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment delivers excellent research relating to architecture and the built environment. The core subjects in which research is carried out include design, planning, engineering, management and geomatics.

The majority of the research is concerned with interventions in the built environment: the construction and modification of buildings, urban areas and landscapes.

As always we in Delft try to break away as much as possible from the traditional quantitative presentation of research performance, to show more of our qualitative achievements that are relevant to society and to combine these with traditional output indicators.

Our research portfolio holds a strong promise for the future. In a time when the economy seems to be finally picking up and in which such societal issues as energy, climate and ageing are more prominent than ever before, there are plenty of fields for us to explore in the next three years.”

Frank van der Hoeven PhD
Director of Research, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Delft University of Technology

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