Bucky Lab

Within the master's programme, Bucky Lab designs, develops and builds architecture and building construction related prototypes. It is a “get your hands dirty“ approach in which the students learn how to translate concepts from sketches to working prototypes.

protoSPACE & protoFAB

The hyperbody facilities have been instrumental in advancing research in fabrication and interaction design and regularly offer workshops with world-renowned specialists. 

Chair Collection

Containing over 300 chairs collected for teaching purposes since 1957. It is one of the most important furniture collections in the Netherlands and is a source of knowledge about materials, construction and typologies for students and designers alike.


The SenseLab is built around the four IEQ factors: indoor air, thermal, lighting and acoustical quality. Single and combinations of environmental conditions can be experienced and tested. SenseLab, a playground for the senses, is located in the Science centre. 

The Lightvan

It facilitates daylighting research on wheels, in order to get close to research subjects who are less mobile, such as elderly people, for optimum energy reductions.

Additive Manufacturing Lab

The AM lab provides a place for development and experimentation in the field of additive manufacturing for students and researchers, supporting the fabrication of multi functional, mono and minimal material design solutions at different scales.

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