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Methoden & Analyse

The discipline of architecture consists of a rich body of approaches, methods and tools. From Vitruvius to Colin Rowe, from Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand to Oswald Mathias Ungers, architects have positioned themselves vis-à-vis crucial cultural and societal issues through the development of particular methods of analysis and design.

The Chair of Methods and Analysis holds that architecture, more than a response to program or problem solving, is about the development of distinct approaches, tools and roles. The chair wants to challenge preconceptions about architectural methods and instruments, investigates the advancement of inventive approaches, and attempts to offer a base for critical action in the built environment.

Today rapid changes scrutinize our existing architectural approaches. Ideas about unlimited growth and ever accelerating flows seem to make way for another perspective: one of limited resources and modesty. Simultaneously, the increasing dynamism of contemporary societies and cultures engenders complex processes that shape our territories as a novel mixture of private and public spaces, of individual and common domains. Hence, architects are challenged to find ‘other ways of doing’; more informed, cultured and engaged methods of thinking and practicing architecture.

The Chair of Methods and Analysis aims to be a laboratory for students, lecturers and researchers, who want to explore pioneering ways to analyze, understand and intervene in the built environment.

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