Head of the Chair W. G. M. Maas

Andrea Degenhardt
+31 15 278 4192

Research and Education Coordinator
Javier Arpa


Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Room: The Why Factory at The Orange Tribune, 1st floor
Julianalaan 134
NL-2628 BL Delft
The Netherlands

The Why Factory

The Why Factory (T?F) is a global think-tank and research institute, run by MVRDV and Delft University of Technology, and led by professor Winy Maas. It explores possibilities for the development of our cities by focusing on the production of models and visualizations for cities of the future.

Education and research at The Why Factory are combined in a research lab and platform that aims to analyze, theorize and construct future cities. The Why Factory investigates within
the given world and produces future scenarios beyond it; from universal to specific and global to local. It proposes, constructs and envisions hypothetical societies and cities; from science to action and vice versa.

The Why Factory thus acts as a future world scenario making machinery. Moreover, we want to engage in a public debate on architecture and urbanism. The Why Factory’s findings are therefore communicated to a broad public in a variety of ways, including exhibitions, publications, workshops, and panel discussions.

The Why Factory combines research with education. Students will simultaneously do research and design studios, complemented by theory, programming and representation courses. The research on the city of the future starts with the speculation on possible theoretical models. Once produced, these theoretical models are tested in existing cities and stored in a data cloud that combines collective agendas and individualistic tendencies.

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