Urbanism on Track

Urbanism on Track

Application of tracking technologies in urbanism

Tracking technologies such as GPS, mobile phone tracking, video and RFID monitoring are rapidly becoming part of daily life. Technological progress offers huge possibilities for studying human activity patterns in time and space in new ways. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) held - an international expert meeting in early 2007 to investigate the current and future possibilities and limitations of the application of tracking technologies in urban design and spatial planning. 

Since then, this type of research has taken a flight. This webpage demonstrates the work by TUDelft in this field and links to recent developments elsewhere.


  • Tracking Rotterdam, visitors from 4 parking garages (icw dS+V Rotterdam) 


  • Tracking High-Rise, 2x 40 households (icw dS+V Rotterdam)
  • Coastal City tracking, visitors, (icw Atelier Coastal Cities)


  • Tracking Delft II: 40 households in several neighbourhoods in Delft (icw DOK)
  • Assisted Living II: 40 single households in Rotterdam Charlois (icw Veldacademie)


  • Tracking Delft I: 325 visitors of the city centre of Delft
  • Assisted Living II: 25 elderly in Rotterdam Charlois (icm Veldacademie)

TU Delft initiated a LinkedIn group for professionals called 'Urbanism On Track':


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