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In these Seminars, members of the Chair give an overview on their current research activities. We also invite external guests to share their expertise with us. You are welcome to share it too.



AESOP YA Meeting 2011 Archive

The meeting is an annual event organised by the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) Young Academics (YA) Network.


Ruimtelijke Planning en Strategie

prof. Vincent Nadin

Who we are

Spatial planning and strategy is a core chair in the Faculty of Architecture concerned with knowledge about the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategic and urban planning tools - visions, strategies, plans and programmes.

We are particularly interested in how intervention through spatial planning can meet the challenge of territorial management in the context of the growing complexity of networked urban regions. We undertake international case studies and cross-national research on global and European cities and regions and the planning tools they use.

This has led to work on questions of the methodology for such studies. RP&S is the largest chair in the faculty with a strong international flavour among the 29 research and teaching staff. Practice Professor Joost Schrijnen assists in our collaboration with policy and practice. Professor Wil Zonneveld holds a joint post with the OTB Research Institute with whom there is much collaboration. RP&S has a wide portfolio of research projects including EU Seventh Framework, government and NGO funded work.

We contribute to teaching at all levels and have played a central role in the development and implementation of the prestigious European Masters track in Urbanism which is delivered in partnership with UPC Barcelona, KU Leuven and IUAV di Venezia. Staff also make a considerable contribution to the work of the International Federation on Urbanism.



BSc. Bouwkunde

 Randstad Spatial Planning

Minor Sociaal Duurzame Wijk 



MSc. Urbanism




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Vincent Nadin, Prof. V.



Joost Schrijnen, Prof. ir. J.M.



Wil Zonneveld, Prof. dr. W.A.M.



Associate Professor:

Ina Klaasen, Dr. I.T.


Stephen Read, Dr. ir. S.A.




Dominic Stead, Dr. ir. D.


Assistant Professor:


Akkelies van Nes, Dr. A. van


Roberto Rocco, Dr. R.C.


Remon Rooij, Dr. ir. R.M.



Diego Sepulveda Carmona, D.A.


Paul Stouten, Dr. ir. P.L.M.


Alexander Vollebregt, Ir. A.G.





Teacher / Researcher

Francisco Colombo, Ir. F.F.



Ana Maria Fernandez-Maldonado, Dr. arch. A.M.



Liane Lefaivre, Dr. L.




Qu Lei, Q


Herman Rosenboom, Drs. H.J.






PhD Researchers


Alexander Wandl, A.



Sharon Ackerman, S.



Luki Budiarto, Ir. L.


Che-Sheng Chiang, C.S.





Jorge Gil, G.



Jinghuan He, J.


Wei-Ju Huang, W.J. (Astor)



Peiwen Lu, P.


Gabriela Rendon, arq.ir. G.


Suwanna Rongwiriyaphanich, S.


Jeroen van Schaick, Ir. J. van



Ceren Sezer, C.


Yu Tzu Lin (Keats), Y.T.


Lidewij Tummers, L.


Verena Balz, V.


Jun Ying, J.



Azadeh Mashayekhi, A.



Fabio Hernandez Palacio, ir. F.A.


Xiaoxi Hui, X.



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