Nutsa Nadraeishvili

MSc track Architecture

I did my bachelor studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in my home city (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia), where the programme was based more on the functionalistic approach to the designing process, and theoretical issues were rarely addressed. The approach here appeared different and very interesting. The theoretical reading that we have to do helps us develop our own position towards the process, design and architecture in general. It broadens our vision and helps us make more conscious decisions while designing.
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Yvonne Wattez

MSc track Building Technology
Graduated: June 2012

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Architecture, I decided to sign up for the Master 'Building Technology'.  My main reason for this was the very multifaceted character of the study during the first year. After two years I found out that I preferred the more technical courses. >> Read more

Karlijn Klokhuis

MSc track Urbanism

Understanding how processes in society have spatial implications I chose urbanism because of its broad scope, the fact that it involves working with many different disciplines and that functions at the heart of society. Because the subject is so broad (designing from a regional scale right down to a paving stone), you’re always being confronted with new subjects on a spatial, technical and social level. Just about everything has something to do with urbanism!
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Justina Muliuolyte

MSc track Urbanism 

I think the international aspect was the best part of studying at TU Delft. My graduation supervisors were from Holland, China
and Brazil so getting opinions from people from different continents added a lot of value to my project. >> Read more

Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel

MSc track Management in the Built Environment
Origin: Colombia

What makes TU Delft's real estate and housing programme different is its design focus. It's not just about money and numbers. >> Read more

Jens Kvarnström

MSc track Management in the Built Environment
Exchange student

In addition to my master studies in Sweden, I wanted to broaden my knowledge further and decided to do this by exchange studies. The reason why I chose TU Delft was, apart from the fact that the country and the Dutch people seemed very nice, the master programme track Management in the Built Environment. The track offered by far the most attractive and interesting courses in the field of real estate compared to the other universities I was considering for my exchange. >> Read more

Karl van Winden

MSc programme Geomatics
Graduated: July 2014

Before I started Geomatics for the Built Environment, I got my Bachelor degree in Architecture. I didn't want to do a Master in Architecture, because I wanted something more technical and practical. Therefore I chose this program. Geomatics for the Built Environment is very straightforward and tackles all kinds of practical problems. Also, working with the computer and all the data that is available earned my interest before and during the program.
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Adrian Vickery Hill

European Post-master in Urbanism (EMU)

‘I was attracted to the European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism because of the breadth of its focus. The program delves far beyond an understanding of physical space into an appreciation of the social, cultural, economic and political environments that frame it. >> Read more

Sarah Nichols

The Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design

After working on built projects in New York and Beijing, I wished to revisit architecture as an academic field. I found the post-master’s program of the Berlage ideal because of its unique focus on theory and research.

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