Aditya Deshmukh

Aditya Deshmukh


'Living on the edge': Water and the city of Pune

In the present disturbed terrain due to the urbanization process and continued rise in population, there is an urgency to find a dynamic balance between the city and nature. The meaning of water in the Indian context, from being a ‘source of life’ has changed over time to be the subject of negligence. What are the urban processes that can be held responsible for this change? To understand this, historical changing context of water with the city of Pune is scrutinized. The historical periods defined are based on the major transformations happened during different political rules in the city. The strategy is based on the reciprocities between Community, Economy and Ecology. Design case studies are presented in a multi-scalar scenario divided in 3 different projects, each embracing different scale and approach. 1. Informal settlements along the streams (Community). 2. Waterfront along the historic city centre (Economy). 3. Confluence of two rivers (Ecology).

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