Gianna Bottema

Gianna Bottema

Complex Projects

Sounds of the City

South Works Music center, a diverse urban experience of sound

Chicago South Works shows an American suburban neighborhood in decline. It’s the reciprocity of capitalism.

The absence of work and education resulting in poverty and unemployment. A system based on the economy of the possible and the accumulation of desires that is defined by language. I propose music as a catalyst for change.

How can music intervene in a process of change? Music can address opinions, feelings and opportunities. However what is its relationship with a specific space, neighborhood or even the city?  We are unconscious of how the sounds of the city characterize the experience of the (public) interior.

The project researches the influence of sounds based on three themes. Borders: defining sound interiors, territory: an assemblage of diverse actions and subjectivity: a landscape for language. Proposing architecture as a landscape of different sounds, the building becomes a stage for the movement of human being as the generator of the public event.

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