Vasiliki Koliaki


Amphibious Aggregations

Responsive environments for the metacity of Cyclades

The problem statement was built on the theory of urban surrounding evolution in relation to the community constant state of change and their intrinsic bond. The proposal comes as an experimentation over ways to generate responsive, selfsustained, multi-performative and fully adaptive architectural space, which could collect everyday data, in order to serve the constantly arising needs of isolated communities in water.

Due to high level of proximity, the location chosen were two islands of Aegean Archipelagos, Syros and Mykonos. The project refers to a system of designing aggregations in water that could be assembled in a way that could dock to the island needed and perform as what needed and for how long needed each time.

More specifically, what proposed is a multitude of floating particles that assemble differently in order to behave as a temporary extension of either Syros’ coastal line, serving student housing needs, or Mykonos’ coastal line, serving tourist accommodating needs.

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